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Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Treadmill

Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Overview

ProForm treadmills are considered to be among the best sellers in the home fitness industry. There are treadmills for walkers, joggers and competitive runners. All of their treadmills offer an adjustable incline and are compatible with, or have built-in, iFit Live™ technology.

ProForm treadmills are manufactured by ICON Health & Fitness – the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. ICON is committed to developing residential fitness products that will motivate and entertain the user to start and follow through on their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

 Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Product Lines

ProForm has four lines of treadmills: the Power Series, the Performance Series, the Pro Series and the Tech Series.

Power Series

Models: Power 995, Power 1080

Power Series treadmills have a combination of features that offer the motor size, belt length and cushioned support that make them an ideal choice for walkers and runners. You can choose between the Power 995 and the Power 1080. The Power 995 has a 3.0 CHP motor, 15 degrees of incline, 20 workout programs, and is compatible with iFit Live™ technology. When you step up to the Power 1080, you’ll get 30 workout programs plus built-in iFit Live™ technology which gives you wireless access to pre-programmed workouts, powered by Google Maps™ with automatic speed and incline controls for a truly customized workout experience. To support these extra programs, the 1080 has a 3.25 CHP motor. Both models have a 20×60 belt that supports longer stride lengths, an important consideration for runners and taller users.

Performance Series

Models: Performance 400, Performance 600, Performance 900, Performance 1450

ProForm offers several models in this line, which really demonstrates their versatility and performance. The belts are either 55 or 56 inches long. For many users this will be fine, but some users may find the stride length a little limiting. The baseline model, the Performance 400 has a 2.25 CHP motor with up to 10 degrees of incline and 15 programs. As you step up through the line, you’ll get a more powerful motor a wider range of incline and more programs. The Performance 1450 is the top of this line and features built-in iFit Live™ technology, one-touch controls of speed and incline and an AutoBreeze™ workout fan that automatically adjusts its output to your level of exertion. The signature feature of this model is a built-in web browser that is powered by Android technology so you can have internet connectivity while you workout.

Pro Series

Models: Pro 2000, Pro 2500, Pro 4500

Like its name suggests, the Pro Series treadmills are commercial-quality treadmills that you can bring into your home. They offer premium suspension, powerful motors, and wireless heart rate monitoring. But the real reason many users will want to step up to this model is the decline settings that let you work out a different set of muscles for an even more challenging workout. The Pro 2000 is the entry level model in this category with a 3.25 CHP motor. When you step up to the 2500, you’ll get a 3.5 CHP motor with 1-touch speed and incline controls and the AutoBreeze™ fan, and built-in iFit Live™ access. At the top of this line is the 4500 which features a 3.8 CHP motor and a built-in web browser for internet access during your workout.

Tech Series

Models: 590T, 850T

The Tech Series delivers an entertaining workout experience with built-in TVs and music ports that let you dock your iPod® so you can workout to your favorite music. The motors are either 2.25 CHP or 2.5 CHP depending on model selected and the 20×55 belt may be a bit limiting for some users. However, what it may lack in performance it delivers in pre-programmed applications that let you reach specific fitness goals. For example, the 590T has 12 Quick Calorie™ applications and when you step up to the 850T, you get 8 Calorie applications, 8 Timed applications and 8 Distance applications so you’ll have a variety to keep you motivated and moving past your fitness goals. Both models are iFit Live™ compatible.

Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Pricing*

ProForm treadmills give you one of the widest range of price points, allowing you to find ProForm quality at a price that fits your budget and your fitness needs.

$700-$1,000 590T, Performance 400, Performance 600
$1,000-$1,500 850T
$1,500-$2,000 Power 995, Performance 900, Pro 2000
$2,000-$3,000 Power 1080, Performance 1450, Pro 2500, Pro 4500

*Web price listed on manufacturer’s web site.

Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Key Feature:

iFit™ Live Technology

iFit Live™ Technology addresses two of the key obstacles to in-home fitness – variety and motivation. You’ll enjoy an interactive training routine that takes the guesswork out of programming the treadmill. Every iFit Live™ workout card is linked to GoogleMaps™ letting you program the course you want to run – from the 10K you’re training for, to the vacation spot you’ve always wanted to see. The treadmill accounts for the terrain and automatically increases the intensity – and challenge – as you push towards your fitness goals.

Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Warranty Protection

ProForm stands behind their treadmills with a premium warranty. Many models offer lifetime coverage on the frame and motor. In addition many models cover parts for between 3-5 years.

Lifetime Warranty on Frame and Motor Power 995, Power 1080, Performance 600, Performance 900, Performance 1450, Pro 2500, Pro 4500, Pro 2000
Lifetime Warranty on Frame Performance 400, 590T, 850T
25-Year Motor Performance 400, 590T, 850T
3-year parts Power 995, Performance 900
5-Year parts Power 1080, Performance 1450, Pro 2500, Pro 4500, Pro 2000
2-year parts Performance 600
1-year labor Power 995, Performance 600, Performance 900
2-year labor Power 1080, Performance 1450, Pro 2500, Pro 4500, Pro 2000
1-year parts and labor 590T, 850T

 Best Treadmill Reviews – Profrom Conclusion

ProForm treadmills accommodate a wide range of fitness needs. One of the many nice features of this brand is that having access to the performance features you need is not necessarily price driven. In fact, at the higher prices, you’ll enjoy some of the latest technology advances, but not necessarily better performance.

One of the ways you measure a treadmill’s performance is in their warranty coverage. And with a ProForm treadmill you’ll enjoy one of the finest warranties in the industry.

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