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NordicTrack Treadmill Reviews

Best Treadmill Reviews- NordicTrack Overview:

The NordicTrack brand was introduced to a generation of home fitness pioneers looking for an efficient way to exercise at home, at any time of year, and get results. This led to the creation of their “skiing machines” and soon the NordicTrack brand name became a household name.

NordicTrack is one of the signature brands that are part of ICON Health & Fitness – the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in the world. ICON is committed to developing residential fitness products that will motivate and entertain the user to start and follow through on their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

NordicTrack treadmills exhibit this commitment in machines that have a quality feel at a reasonable price.

Best Treadmill Reviews- NordicTrack Product Lines

NordicTrack has five lines of treadmills: The Fit Series, C Series, Commercial Series, Incline Series, and Elite Series.

Fit Series

Models: A2550 Pro, T 7.0

This is the lowest end of their treadmill line, but still offers dynamic features including commercial-grade, self-cooling CHP motors, compatible music ports for an iPod, and cushioned belts. The T 7.0 offers more programming options and conveniences like a CoolAir™ fan and wireless heart rate monitoring. Both models are iFit® compatible.

C Series

Models: C 900, C 900 Pro

The C Series steps you comfortably into the next level of treadmill technology. The 3.0 CHP motor is an upgrade and you’ll notice the added stability from 2.5″ precision machined rollers. The C Series features a 60-inch long belt which is significant if you or anyone using the belt is over six feet tall because it accommodates a longer stride length. The C 900 Pro introduces one-touch control in the handlebars for added convenience. Both models are iFit® compatible.

Commercial Series

Models: Commercial 1500, Commercial 1750, Commercial 2150

The Commercial Series introduces a decline function which helps increase leg strength and power. The ability to simulate running downhill is a relatively new feature that is not available on all treadmills. To accommodate this and other enhanced programming options, the Commercial Series provides another step-up in the horsepower motor and 3″ machined rollers. Models 1750 and 2150 have built-in iFit® technology. Model 2150 takes the idea of entertainment one step further by letting you go online while you workout with a built-in iFit tablet that has an integrated browser powered by Android™ and two HD video workouts that take you to two stunning Hawaiian locations: Haleakala and Hana.

Incline Series

Models: X7i Incline Trainer, Incline Trainer X9i Interactive

The Incline Series takes the idea of burning calories to new levels with up to 40 degrees of incline and 6 degrees of decline. Both models have built-in iFit® technology including built-in Google Trails workouts that simulates trails around the world and automatically adjusts the level of incline and decline to go along with your selection. Another benefit is 12-month access to so you can track the progress you’re making towards your fitness goals. While you’re working out, you can dock your iPod and have your favorite music push you through the most challenging workout. You’ll also enjoy premium Reflex™ Cushioning that provides the ultimate in impact-absorption technology. With the X9i, you get the benefit of stepping up to a 62-inch belt (the X7i has a 55-inch belt) and you wireless heart rate monitoring.

Elite Series

Models: Elite 9500 Pro, Elite 9700 Pro

As its name suggests, the Elite Series is the premier line of NordicTrack treadmills. You’ll have built-in iFit® technology with a 10-inch full color touch-screen display with a browser powered by Android™. But the jaw-dropping way that technology is incorporated into this treadmill is also matched with performance features that include QuadFlex™ Precision Cushioning™ Technology that lets you customize the level of cushioning to suit individual preferences. You’ll also have up to 15 degrees of incline or 3 degrees of incline. The Elite 9700 Pro steps you up to the most premium motor available by NordicTrack a 4.0 CHP motor for efficient, cool-running performance that helps ensure years of reliable performance.

Best Treadmill Reviews- NordicTrack Pricing

The retail price of many NordicTrack treadmills is in the middle of the range, making them an attractive option.

$1,000-$1,500 A2550 Pro, T 7.0 Treadmill
$1,500-$2,000 C 900, C 900 Pro
$2,000-$3,000 Commercial 1500, Commercial 1750, Commercial 2150,
Elite 9500 Pro, X7i Incline Trainer, Incline Trainer X9i Interactive
$3,000-$4,000 Elite 9700 Pro

*Web price listed on manufacturer’s web site.

Warranty Protection

NordicTrack treadmills feature some of the best warranties in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty on Motor and Frame All Models
Premier Warranty – 1 year parts and in-home service guarantee X7i Incline Trainer, Incline Trainer X9i Interactive
2-year parts A2550 Pro, T 7.0
3-year parts C 900, C 900 Pro
5-year parts and electronics Commercial 1500, Commercial 1750, Commercial 2150, Elite 9500 Pro
7-year parts and electronics Elite 9700 Pro
1-year labor A2550 Pro, T 7.0, C 900, C 900 Pro
2-year labor Commercial 1500, Commercial 1750, Commercial 2150, Elite 9500 Pro, Elite 9700 Pro

 Best Treadmill Reviews- NordicTrack Key Feature

iFIT® Technology

iFIT® Technology is rooted in technology you use every day – laptops, smart phones, etc. – and popular culture (a number of the preprogrammed training sessions are hosted by Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser). The goal is to create an interactive training routine that takes the guesswork out of programming the treadmill and in some cases lets you access GoogleMaps to go, virtually, to any location on earth, and marvel as the treadmill tracks your progress and automatically increases the intensity – and challenge – as you push towards your fitness goals.

 Best Treadmill Reviews- NordicTrack Conclusion

What you’ll like about NordicTrack is that you get a well-built product at every price point. The basics of the belt, rollers and motor may have some differences, but overall they’re of exceptional quality.

If you’re looking for features that will make your workout more enjoyable such as built-in iFit technology and more program options, you’ll find plenty of variety as you step up through their line.

You’ll also find that there are several treadmill options available for multiple users. This is important because some treadmills will have a decidedly different feel when they’re being used for walking or for running – or with taller and shorter users. You can find a NordicTrack treadmill that would allow both users to get a quality workout.

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